Not Vettel, but Russell will possibly drive for Mercedes in 2021

21-05-2020 14:54
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Not Vettel, but Russell will possibly drive for Mercedes in 2021

The silly season has been running at full speed since the departure of Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari. Now rumours are coming out that not Vettel will take his place in the second seat of Mercedes in 2021, but George Russell.

Helmut Marko is harshly critical of Toto Wolff when it comes to the flow of talents. According to Red Bull Racing's advisor, the Austrian has many talents under his wing, but he won't let any of them flow through to the top team. Something that happens very often at Red Bull, as we know.

According to Wolff, the last six seasons have been enough to show why he hasn't let any talent flow to Mercedes, but he may have an even better answer for Marko. According to, George Russell will be driving for the team in 2021 next to Lewis Hamilton.

Vettel brings problems

It seems that Sebastian Vettel's search for his next seat in Formula 1 may not be over yet. His four titles and German passport do not, according to rumors, outweigh the strategic problems that Vettel is bringing. Hamilton and Vettel will both want to go for the title and the salary of the German will also be significantly higher than Russell.

That leaves Valtteri Bottas, who currently holds the seat, but whose contract expires at the end of this season. According to sources of, the Finn is now in talks with Renault to keep a place in the sport. If that doesn't work out, he might also be able to return to the old nest: Williams.

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