Binotto: "Ferrari and Vettel no longer shared the same goals"

14-05-2020 18:55
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Binotto: Ferrari and Vettel no longer shared the same goals

With the announcement that Sebastian Vettel will leave Ferrari after this season, the whole of Formula 1 is upside down. Carlos Sainz will replace him and McLaren has recruited Daniel Ricciardo for him, with the rumor being that Fernando Alonso will in turn succeed him at Renault. Between all the news, Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto has reacted once again to the departure of Vettel.

Contract extension

Binotto and Vettel have recently discussed contract renewal several times. These discussions have shown that the two parties no longer share the same goals, which forms the basis for the separation after this season. "Beyond that, over the last weeks, the world has changed, not only from an economic point of view, but also from a technical and sporting point of view", quotes

"There are challenges ahead, and obstacles which are going to be difficult. We are laying the foundations for our future, and we want to have a specific perspective. We talked with Sebastian, and we found out we didn't share the same goals, short or long-term goals."


At the same time Binotto took another chance to express his appreciation of the German driver: "I admire Sebastian, I admire him as a person and as a professional pilot. I hold him in great esteem."

But Binotto also looks ahead to the arrival of Sainz: "Sainz is a great addition. He is very smart, very young, but he has participated in five seasons in the past. He is a strong, reliable driver that has scored many championship points during races, and I believe that for us, he is a great driver to be paired to the pure talent of Charles, so that he can grow and win".

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