Abiteboul congratulates Verstappen: ''That salary hasn't been included yet''

14-05-2020 09:18
by Editorial Team
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Abiteboul congratulates Verstappen: ''That salary hasn't been included yet''

The budget ceiling for 2021 has been set at $145 million and the teams have a plan to lower the cap even further in five years. However, according to some teams it is still not good enough.

For example, Cyril Abiteboul is still of the opinion that the drivers' contracts fall under the budget cap. However, these contracts still have an exceptional position, which makes it easier for the large teams to attract the big drivers with more financial resources. At Abiteboul, however, this shoots the wrong hole in the throat.

Abiteboul congratulates Verstappen

''This point is still under discussion, but it's quite complete. Some drivers have already signed a contract extension after 2021, where such a budget cap is still taken into account. Max Verstappen, for example, has extended his contract, on which I would still like to congratulate him, but that salary has not yet been included in the budget cap'', says Abiteboul at Sky Sports.

However, Verstappen is not the only one, because Ferrari has also committed Charles Leclerc for much longer and will therefore assume that the salary is not yet included in that cap. ''I think that now we have to think about the health and sustainability of the sport and make an exception. We still have to add those drivers under that cap.''

Bad luck for Red Bull?

It's unusual, since Abiteboul himself spent twenty million on Ricciardo, something many teams can't afford. ''We have to make sure that an individual like Verstappen or Leclerc doesn't prevent us from taking this measure. It's logical to make some sacrifices on salaries in this day and age, because the budget cap means that other people have to leave their jobs or hand in money as well,'' Abiteboul concludes.

The question is whether Abiteboul will get his way, because the teams have already agreed to the budget cap for 2021, which does not include the drivers. With several drivers already under contract for 2021, there won't be many teams eager to include those amounts in the budget cap.

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