Horner: "Renault team members were in Red Bull's factory, actually unreal"

03-05-2020 11:37
by Editorial Team
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Horner: Renault team members were in Red Bull's factory, actually unreal

Since the mandatory closure of the Formula 1 factories, the teams that have their factories in the United Kingdom have been working on Project Pitlane. With this project, Formula 1 is supporting health care by developing various equipment in the closed factories. Christian Horner, team boss of Red Bull Racing, revealed at Motorsport.com that Renault at Red Bull has been working with the equipment at the factory.

"We had to work on a project, together with Renault. It was great to see how volunteers spent whole days working on the project", Horner says. "There have really been people who have done so much work, which has led to us now having a good concept that we can work on."

Together with Renault in one factory

Horner also admits that, despite the tensions between Renault and Red Bull in the F1 paddock, the project is going well together. "At that point you have to forget the feeling of competition for a moment, and the most important thing is to find solutions. So we had Renault employees working in our factory, in their own team clothes in our facilities. Impossible in a normal situation."

Horner himself knows it's a special situation. Nevertheless, he is proud of the cooperation between both teams during the period of the coronavirus. "It wasn't just the solution we found, it was the speed at which it went. What would normally take three years to get everything sorted out now only took three weeks," says Horner.

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