'Direct triple headers will be difficult for the drivers'

17-04-2020 11:20
by GPblog.com
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'Direct triple headers will be difficult for the drivers'

The plan is when the Formula 1 season starts, to drive as many races as possible this year. This will lead to a lot of double- and triple headers, which can be a tough task for the drivers. In fact, Antonio Giovinazzi of Alfa Romeo Racing says it will be pretty tough.

Destroyed neck

In conversation with Sky Sports, the Italian says: "I think it will be completely difficult. When we come back to Barcelona after the winter break, after the first day your neck is completely destroyed. Now we will have more than two months maybe three months [off]."

Of course the drivers continue to train to stay fit, but racing after a long time is still an 'attack' on the body. "When we come back we will like you say [drive] three weeks in a row. It will be tough will but it will be the same for everyone."

Behind closed doors

The driver also talked about driving races behind closed doors. He likes that for safety's sake. "For sure it will be really different - people coming to support us is an extra boost for every driver."

"But now, the main thing is to race in a safe mode and one [way] is to have no people at the track. Of course they will support us on the sofa, but I think [if we are] to start soon, to start without people is a safe way to race", said the Italian.

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