'No Ferrari means no Canadian Grand Prix'

07-04-2020 19:11
by Editorial Team
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'No Ferrari means no Canadian Grand Prix'

Holding the Canadian Grand Prix would be impossible if it were up to old IndyCar and Champcar driver Patrick Carpentier. The race is currently scheduled to open the season on June 14 due to the loss of the first eight races due to the coronavirus.


This week a final decision will be made about the Grand Prix in Canada. Everything seems that the race will not take place because of COVID-19, but according to Carpentier this is more due to the idea that a race without Ferrari is not possible.

“Ferrari is an important part of F1, so if they cancelled Melbourne because McLaren was affected by the coronavirus, they will not come to Montreal because Ferrari will not be there”, Carpentier told Fox Sports.

“Right now, it would be very, very, very frowned upon for Ferrari to go racing while nearly 1,000 people die there every day", Carpentier continued. “I hope that the race will happen, but in my opinion it is impossible.”

Other teams

If Ferrari is unable to leave because of the situation in Italy, customer teams Haas and Alfa Romeo would probably not be able to race either.

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