Gasly believes in title Verstappen: ''Honda has done impressive work''

31-03-2020 07:59
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Gasly believes in title Verstappen: ''Honda has done impressive work''

Pierre Gasly won't be able to drive a Red Bull Racing car himself in 2020, but the Honda engine in that car feels stronger than ever. The Frenchman is therefore certain that the team will be able to compete for the world title.

Honda can become world champion

In 2019 Gasly had the chance to conquer a place with a top team in Formula 1. However, the car wasn't at its best and Gasly certainly didn't get the best out of it. The gap was huge to Max Verstappen and mistakes piled up for the Frenchman who put more and more pressure on himself. In 2020 he will be back in place at AlphaTauri and he will analyse the situation.

''The results speak for themselves, of course. If you look at the first period of Honda with McLaren and you see where they are now, that's just impressive. I have never doubted Honda, because they are one of the largest in the motorsport world. They have set themselves the goal of becoming world champions and I know they will do everything they can," Gasly says to Canal+.

Close to Mercedes

During the winter test the Honda engine seemed to be fine and also the Red Bull seemed to come close to Mercedes. However, it's all waiting until the official start of the season to really know what's going on and that may take some time for now. With the corona virus there doesn't seem to be a race yet. However, Gasly does have an idea where the Austrians stand.

''At the moment we are all on the same level as Lewis Hamilton in the championship, but speculating during the winter test is very difficult. It looks like we're a couple of tenths, but you won't really know until we get going'', concludes the Frenchman who is still hootp on a return to the top.

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