Steiner: "Current situation offers opportunities for new formats"

29-03-2020 12:27
by Editorial Team
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Steiner: Current situation offers opportunities for new formats

Guenther Steiner, team boss of Haas, expects that when the F1 season can really start, a two-day weekend is not a bad idea at all. According to Steiner, the teams are looking with the FOM to turn certain races into two-day events.

"We're working to turn certain races into two-day events instead of three. A lot of advice is given in the background about what is and what isn't possible", Steiner told Auto, Motor und Sport. "There will certainly be some formats that are new because we are forced to do so. This will give us another turn to see if they are better or worse than the current format".

Still a lot unclear

Steiner believes that the measures currently under consideration will have to be applied. "There are opportunities that we get that wouldn't exist because we couldn't agree with the teams. Now we have to do certain things to survive". How many races Haas needs to survive is not yet clear. "I don't know exactly how much we get out of television contracts or FOM sponsors. I have no idea how many races we have to do to stay alive."

The postponement of the technical regulations in 2021 was also a good decision. "It's definitely better at the moment. I think people are more inclined to compromise with others". According to Steiner it is special that the team unity has been so big, but not yet perfect". 

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