Abiteboul: "We've received a lot of criticism because of that"

26-03-2020 18:56
by Editorial Team
Abiteboul: We've received a lot of criticism because of that

Until the 2017/2018 season, Renault drove as a factory team in Formula E. Sports director of Renault Cyril Abiteboul says his brand is not even thinking about re-entering the electric racing class.

No Formula E

According to Abiteboul it is a risk if you would not be able to drive at the right level in Formula E, he reports this to Autocar. In other words, a new entry into Formula E only makes sense if a brand can compete there and compete for the top results.

"We are already in Formula 1 and we have had a lot of criticism, because we could not fight for fourth place last year", says Abiteboul. From his point of view, Formula E clearly needs much better results. Renault has achieved good results in Formula E with partner e.dams. From season 2014/2015 the team won three constructors' titles and in 2015/2016 Sebastien Buemi also won the drivers' title for the team. After the 2017/2018 season Renault transferred its grid position to its sister company Nissan.

Targets for 2020

In Formula 1 the Frenchman wants to go back to the top. Starting with a P4 in the coming season. "That should be possible this year", says Abiteboul. "And that would be quite an achievement. because there are many brands, even some well-financed traditional brands, that do not dare to enter Formula 1 because of the risk." The Frenchman doesn't mention names.

Electric Formula 1

Abiteboul rejects a full electric Formula 1: "For me, this is not a step Formula 1 should take. After all, we need enough energy to drive a 300 kilometre race at maximum power." Battery technology is not yet ready to sustain these kinds of long races.

Renault is relying more and more on plug-in hybrids anyway. According to Abiteboul, this is where the development should go: "Electrification and the internal combustion engine complement each other, they are not in competition."

Formula 1 will not become fully electric in the near future, even if it wants to. Formula E has been granted an exclusive licence by the FIA. It is valid until 2039.

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