Ricciardo on switching his mindset when he jumps in the cockpit

05-03-2020 19:20
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Ricciardo on switching his mindset when he jumps in the cockpit

Over his time in Formula 1, Daniel Ricciardo has developed a reputation for being one of the most fun characters on the entire grid however, the Australian has admitted that he tries to remain 80% serious. 

On camera Ricciardo is often one of the most jovial characters and this is shown well in his appearances in Drive to Survive. However, the Renault driver has admitted he takes an entirely different approach when he steps into the car as he switches to a safety mindset.

“I would say that 20 percent of that character remains in the car," Gasly told Will Buxton and the F1 website.

"The other 80 percent is a very serious driven character. I think the helmet is pretty symbolic in that sense. The helmet is ultimately a safety device, so you switch to that mindset.

“The amount of risk that you are about to take is already causing a different mindset, but I do keep 20 percent of the jovial character, because I still have fun and I still joke about the radio.

"Like in Monaco, the number of times I 'brushed' the side and then had to giggle. That is ... I play with fire, but I get away with it. I enjoy that."

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