Andreas Seidl: “Hats off to Mercedes for this kind of innovation"

24-02-2020 10:07
by Louis Shaw
Andreas Seidl: “Hats off to Mercedes for this kind of innovation

McLaren have become the latest team to praise Mercedes for their DAS innovation. Andreas Seidl is impressed but doesn't think it is something that his team will implement as he believes that they could find speed in other areas. 

“Hats off to Mercedes for this kind of innovation, which is great to see in Formula 1,” Seidl said to

“Hats off also for all the publicity they created for Mercedes by that.

“I don't know details about the system, so I think it will be wrong to even judge it, what it brings, and so.

“I think for us as a team where we are right now, we have other areas we have to focus on, where we can make bigger steps than trying to copy a system from Mercedes.”

Mercedes worked closely with the FIA to ensure that the system was legal and the fact that it is operated manually by the drivers is a key factor in it being legal. It will be interesting to see how much speed this gives them and whether they will ease their way to more championship success. 

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