"Ferrari still can't compete with Mercedes and Red Bull Racing"

22-02-2020 13:37
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Ferrari still can't compete with Mercedes and Red Bull Racing

Leo Turrini, an Italian journalist, doesn't have a good word for Ferrari. He is particularly negative towards team boss Mattia Binotto as the problems with the racing team haven't been solved during the winter break. 

Towards the end of the 2019 F1 season, Ferrari were losing ground on competitors Mercedes and Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. During the test days last week, Sebastian Vettel's car stopped out on track after just 40 laps. According to Turrini, the team of Vettel and Charles Leclerc are still struggling.

"The first aerodynamic package of the SF 1000 does not work. The problems of 2019 have not yet been solved. The car suffers from understeer and the performance in a lap, although you are not looking for it, is still far from the Mercedes (and Red Bull) level," he says to Quotidiano.

Problems solved next week?

The Italian journalist has no guarantees that next week will be much improved. The Italian racing team will strive for better performance next week.

"Next week in Barcelona, ​​Ferrari will make her changes and on the last day she will strive for the best projection of her possible performance," he says. "Good luck and a good weekend."

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