First photos leaked: The Alfa Romeo camouflage livery

14-02-2020 09:35
by Louis Shaw
First photos leaked: The Alfa Romeo camouflage livery

Aa well as sponsoring McLaren, Huski Chocolate have also chosen Alfa Romeo Racing as a team to sponsor in Formula 1. After a one-race deal in 2019, both parties were pleased and they have now announced a new collaboration.

Huski Chocolate can also be found on Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris's car and will also be on Alfa Romeo's car next season. The Italian team continues to tease the fans and it looks like the team will go for a completely new design.  

Alfa Romeo have been spotted driving around on track and is said to be driving around with a camouflage livery. The photo that comes with the new deal is therefore not a teaser for the newest livery. On photo's from the track we see the Huski Chocolate on the inside of the black front wing, as you can see in the teaser.

"We are proud to announce the collaboration with our friends. We know the brand very well and in America, they were on our car once last year. We hope that the collaboration leads to success and that everyone can enjoy their chocolate drinks," said Fred Vasseur in the statement.

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