Kevin Magnussen hopes to prove that 2019 was an anomaly by performing in 2020

27-01-2020 10:47
by Louis Shaw
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Kevin Magnussen hopes to prove that 2019 was an anomaly by performing in 2020

Kevin Magnussen believes that Haas can learn from their poor 2019 season and avoid a downward spiral. The American team finished the season 9th and are hoping to have fixed their issues ahead of the 2020 season. 

"The first three years we took big steps forward," Magnussen told "Maybe it doesn't look so big, but actually going from P8 in the constructors to P5 in three years is pretty good.

"Like Toro Rosso, for example, have never finished in the top five. Never. They've won a race. They've got the podium a few times, and they've never been in the top five. [Haas'] third year, top five. So that's bloody impressive. And nobody seems to notice this.

"Generally it's just been such as pleasure, you know, getting to a team that was on the rise rather than on the fall. It's just a much more positive experience - growing, feeling the growth and the improvements and the excitement that all of this is happening."

However, things didn't go too well in 2019 with the team having issues with the tyres all season. They will hope to fix these problems ahead of the start of the 2020 season. 

A more positive 2020?

"We all need to be frank with ourselves and say: 'Look, what can we do better? where can we improve?' [What] was the area [that was] not the best - the drivers, engineers, management, communications, kitchen? Everyone in the team needs to look at themselves honestly and see what we can do better," he said.

"If we can all do that, we can improve. We've learned so much this year, we have so much more data, ways of looking at things and I think it's going to be positive."

Haas will hope that they can climb back up the grid and prove that 2019 was only a small blip in performance. 

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