Grosjean is looking forward to new season after dramatic 2019: "Car was just bad"

20-01-2020 10:17
by Matt Gretton
Grosjean is looking forward to new season after dramatic 2019: Car was just bad

Haas looked to be a promising prospect 12 months ago, but a lot of progress was reverted during the 2019 F1 season which saw them finish ahead of only Williams. Driver Romain Grosjean is looking forward to the coming season in which he hopes to hit the limit. 

Last year's Australian Grand Prix turned out to be one of the best results of the season for the American team. Apart from the annual pit-stop error in Melbourne, things seemed to be going well. But it turned out to be false hope. Before looking ahead, Grosjean takes a look at what went wrong. 

"We often blamed the tyres at the start of the season, but unfortunately it wasn't just that. It was the car that had fundamental problems. I even think our knowledge of the tires is pretty good, we have been able to use them as well as possible. Only our car just wasn't good," Grosjean told France's F1only. 

Moving on

Haas' new car has already survived the mandatory crash test. "We are on schedule for the first winter test in Barcelona."

“Just like every year, we will try to look for the limit, but at the moment we don't have specific points to worry about. I am looking forward to being able to discover the new car. We will quickly adjust the seat, then I can see the chassis and spend some time at the factory in England," he continued.

Pirelli will continue to bring the same tyres as last year to races after the teams voted against the 2020 rubbers. This should help make development easier this winter break while effort was also spent working for the major rule and regulation overhaul in 2021. 

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