Vettel believes team orders are "situational"

13-11-2019 10:20 | Updated: 13-11-2019 10:41
by Tom Mason
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Vettel believes team orders are situational

Sebastian Vettel has been involved in several team orders this season with his teammate Charles Leclerc as the two battle it out as Ferrari's top driver. The team feel that it will benefit the team if they can control the drivers.

One example of this is at the Russian Grand Prix when Vettel passed his teammate at the start of the race but refused to give the place back, meaning he ignored a pre-race agreement.

"Inside the car, it's sometimes difficult to know everything, because you cannot see everything," Vettel told

"So it depends really the situation. And I don't think you can stereotype, say 'he was right, he was wrong.

"Obviously if you look back with Mark it was a different situation because we were working as a team together for many years, I don't think we worked really well together!

"And then the day came where I was asked to do something, and I never got any favour before, so why should I give favour now?"

Leclerc holds a 19 point advantage over his teammate going into a final couple of races.

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