Kevin Magnussen "showed everyone what they shouldn't do" at Japanese Grand Prix

15-10-2019 13:45
by Louis Shaw
Kevin Magnussen showed everyone what they shouldn't do at Japanese Grand Prix

Kevin Magnussen is disappointed with the result at the Japanese Grand Prix. The Haas driver finished the race in 17th and after crashing out in Q1 his race was immediately put on the back foot. 

"Yes, I started and had the throttle full, and suddenly I realized that the wheels turned and turned, what which was unfortunate and quite embarrassing really. But that's what happened," Magnussen said to 

"That was still a problem [in the race], but at least I already knew what to expect.

“This was on the first lap and I did not expect such a large gust of wind just in the tail. I showed everyone what they shouldn't do."

Magnussen had a terrible weekend and will hope to put things right next time out in Mexico. 

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