Christian Horner "respects" Lando Norris for his stance on the Alex Albon incident

15-10-2019 13:00
by Louis Shaw
Christian Horner respects Lando Norris for his stance on the Alex Albon incident

Christian Horner respects the fact that Lando Norris doesn't think Alex Albon should have received a penalty at the Japanese Grand Prix. The Red Bull driver made an aggressive move on the McLaren and made contact but Norris said he thought it was a racing incident. 

"It was sturdy but fair," said Horner to “They touched each other, but he was completely on the inside. It was nice that they could race like this and it was also good that the stewards made the right decision.”

When told that Norris agreed that it was a racing incident Horner said that he respected the McLaren driver. 

“Did he feel it that way? I respect that of him. It is inevitable that there is an injured party if there is contact. They raced hard, but they were honest and that's how it should be in Formula 1."

Norris will hope that he is the one that comes out on top next time they go wheel to wheel. 

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