McLaren boss Andreas Seidl "not at all pleased" with Charles Leclerc

14-10-2019 13:15 | Updated: 14-10-2019 16:21
by Louis Shaw
McLaren boss Andreas Seidl not at all pleased with Charles Leclerc

McLaren boss Andreas Seidl is not happy with Ferrari and Charles Leclerc for continuing to drive with a broken front wing. Part of the debris hit Lando Norris' car and severely impacted the teenager's race.  

"We are not at all pleased that our competitors are driving their cars on the track while the complete endplate is hanging on the ground," Seidl said to"You put everyone in danger with that."

“When that part of the Ferrari fell off, a piece landed in the brake duct at Lando, causing the temperature to go through the roof and we had to bring it in to clean the place. The race was done for him. 

“We will definitely talk to the race management to understand why they acted like that. If such a large component is loose, it seems to me that there should be no tolerance whatsoever to continue driving full throttle.”

Part of the damaged wing also hit Lewis Hamilton's car, knocking the Mercedes wingmirror off. In future races, it is expected that the rules will be stricter and that damaged cars have to go into the pits. 

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