Max Verstappen: Sebastian Vettel partially owes the win to Red Bull

24-09-2019 12:02 | Updated: 24-09-2019 12:16
by Louis Shaw
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Max Verstappen: Sebastian Vettel partially owes the win to Red Bull

Max Verstappen believes that Sebastian Vettel owes him for the race win in Singapore. The Red Bull driver believes that the Ferrari of the race winner pitted only because Verstappen did, which in turn led to him being out in front after Charles Leclerc stopped. 

"I had problems with my tyres and I said 'we have to pit', so we pitted," Verstappen said to Ziggo Sports. "I think Ferrari had already heard about it, so they also brought Vettel in immediately. That is why he did the undercut on Charles Leclerc. Otherwise, I might have been between the two of them, or maybe even for Leclerc. They had no other choice to secure a double victory."

Traditionally Red Bull have always performed well at Singapore and they did well last weekend but Verstappen had hoped for a race win. 

"We have always been competitive for this race, of course not always for profit, but that is not always due to the car. Here in Singapore, we were clearly short of it, so we have to analyze well what that was about.

"There are several things we can do better. In the setup, we think I did something wrong. I do have my ideas about that and we have to get started now to get things done better in Sochi. I have of course still have the confidence that we can show something beautiful in the coming games."

Verstappen will hope that his car is competitive at the Russian Grand Prix this weekend and that he can add to his race win tally. 


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