Russell reflects on "rubbish" Singapore Grand Prix

23-09-2019 10:41
by Joseph Tyrrell
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Russell reflects on rubbish Singapore Grand Prix

George Russell's Singapore Grand Prix debut won't be one he remembers fondly after he crashed out for the first time this season. Russell has admitted that it was a "rubbish race from the start".

Russell crashed out of the race at the Marina Bay Street Circuit after a collision with Romain Grosjean on lap 34. The Frenchman tried overtaking Russell at turn eight before he hit the Williams' rear left forcing Russell into the wall, signalling the end of his race. 

Russell analysed the crash that ended his race and admitted it was a "rubbish race from the start" as he retired for the first time this season.

"It was a rubbish race from the start; I got sandwiched at the first corner with Robert and Daniel (Ricciardo), which was just one of those things," Russell said.

"As the race went on our pace seemed good, but then Grosjean went for the overtake on the entry of turn eight. At the apex we were side by side, I had the inside momentum and then come to the exit I was well ahead of him.

"At that point it’s the guy on the outside that needs to concede the corner. Next thing, his front right has hit my rear left and I am in the wall.

"What looked like a fairly decent weekend ended up as a missed opportunity.”

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