FIA working on delay in system with red flag

18-09-2019 16:18
by Tom Mason
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FIA working on delay in system with red flag

Formula One race director Michael Masi had admitted that are working on a route to sort the delay in the dual system in which a red flag can be given. This caused some problems at the previous race in Italy as Valtteri Bottas's final qualification round still counted despite the red flag being shown.

The FIA uses two buttons for a red flag, one of which comes from Masi's fingers and the other comes through his deputy Colin Haywood.

In some instances, the system can cause a minute of time difference of the operation of the different signals for a red flag.

"In Baku, we had the same problem earlier this year. We have looked at it since then, but it is not as easy as everyone thinks," Masi explained to

"The two completely separate systems must communicate with each other. In the simplest case, the start signal is connected with the time monitors, that is the completely closed system and when I press the stop button, the timing stops.

"Colin is responsible for the light signals for a red flag, virtual safety car and safety car, so there must be input from two different people through it. "

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