Alfa Romeo: "If we finish 2019 well, then we are on our way to a great 2020!"

14-09-2019 08:26
by Louis Shaw
Alfa Romeo: If we finish 2019 well, then we are on our way to a great 2020!

Alfa Romeo are currently 8th in the constructor's championship but are hoping that with a few good results that they can climb up the table to compete with the Toro Rosso's and Renaults. Fred Vasseur hopes his team continues to improve. 

“In 2018 we were on average 2.6% short when it comes to pure performance, now only 1.6%. A full percent improved in one season. Such figures confirm that we have made the right choices," Vasseur said to AutoHebdo

“The midfield is very close this season. You are the fifth team in one race and the ninth in the other Grand Prix. If I look at the last few races, it will certainly be where we stand. Getting one or even two cars in Q3 in the last six races is a sign that we are doing fine.”

The 34 points that Alfa Romeo Racing have won this season is uncomparable to McLaren's 83 but Vasseur hopes that with seven more races to go, it will be possible to start a fight with the Woking stables in the tail of the season.

“With them and Renault. Next year will be about building on this season's car. If we finish 2019 well, then we are immediately on our way to a great season in 2020!”

Kimi Raikkonen has scored most of Alfa's points this season and they will hope that Antonio Giovinazzi can get some similar results and that the team can climb the table. 


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