2019 US Grand Prix has received "boosted" ticket sales

28-08-2019 18:57 | Updated: 28-08-2019 19:49
by Tom Mason
2019 US Grand Prix has received boosted ticket sales

The Netflix series on Formula 1 has had a positive impact on the levels of ticket sales for this year's US Grand Prix in Austin. The race will take place on the 3rd November and is the third to last race of the season, with Brazil and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to follow.

Bobby Epstein, the chief of the US Grand Prix has said that the first part of the ‘Drive to Survive’ documentary from earlier this year on Netflix has been the “biggest boost” to ticket sales for this year's event.

"The race is now on course to be the most attended ever in the US following it's return to the F1 calendar," Epstien told ESPN

"We are on track to have the biggest attendance of any race so far - the reserved seats already sold out in July, We are thinking of where we can build new grandstands to accommodate more fans.

"There's a lot of reasons for that - we have the music entertainment element which has been a huge help, but the fact we have built a base here at COTA is massive.

“We have established a good history, made it a tradition to come and race here. Looking beyond that, the Netflix series has been the biggest boost for U.S. fans we have had in terms of ticket sales"

There have been 48 races in America, with Britain's Lewis Hamilton being the most successful, picking up six wins, while Ferrari is the most successful team to date with ten wins.

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