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Kevin Magnussen: We just need to put it all together and then we'll be good

Kevin Magnussen: We just need to "put it all together and then we'll be good"

27-08-2019 14:31

Haas have dipped into crisis a couple of times during the 2019 Formula 1 season, but driver Kevin Magnussen isn't too alarmed.  The team will arrive at the Belgium Grand Prix with an upgrade, and Magnussen believes the team just need to "put it all together". 

While the midfield battle is tight, the American team won't be fighting for fourth place unless a miracle happens. They're currently 56 points behind McLaren and ahead of only Williams in the Formula 1 world championship.

When asked if Magnussen feels as if the team can catch up, he said: "Of course, you’ve just got to put it all together and find the race pace and then we’ll be good".

“It’s a bit of a rest for the whole team, especially for the mechanics and engineers. They need the break to get back home to their families and spend a bit of time away from racecars. When they come back, they’re recharged and ready to fight for another half of the season," Magnussen said.

Prior to the summer break, teams were asked by Formula 1 if they'd be able to cope with a 22 race season. On the whole, teams said they can do it but with changes to the test schedule. With Mexico securing a deal during the break, a 22 race season looks likely. Magnussen says it'll be tricky. 

“I think it’s really tough on the race team because it’s a lot of time away from home. Of course, it’s a lot of time away for us as well, but we have it a bit easier. We get to sleep on those weekends, we don’t have to work 16-hour days like those guys. For them, it becomes tricky if more races are added," Magnussen added. 

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