Nico Hulkenberg spots news about Esteban Ocon: "A more exciting Thursday ahead"

27-08-2019 12:10
by Matt Gretton
Nico Hulkenberg spots news about Esteban Ocon: A more exciting Thursday ahead

French paper Auto Hebdo went bold with their headline this week. They put a picture of Esteban Ocon in Renault overhauls on the front cover of the magazine. There is no official confirmation yet, but Nico Hulkenberg is looking forward to Friday. 

If Ocon is to arrive at Renault, Hulkenberg will be the likely victim with Daniel Ricciardo signing a multi-year deal in August 2018. The German's contract expires at the end of the current Formula 1 season. 

On Thursday ahead of the Belgium Grand Prix, the press conference is usually pretty standard, but it seems like Hulkenberg is now expecting a little bit more. If it's true, Hulkenberg doesn't have much time to laugh as he'll need to find a seat for the 2020 season. 


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