Lance Stroll not getting ahead of himself: “We have to focus on the present"

25-08-2019 13:17
by Joseph Tyrrell
F1 News
Lance Stroll not getting ahead of himself: “We have to focus on the present

It has been a mixed season for SportPesa Racing Point and Lance Stroll has called for the team to focus on the present and not look towards developing next season's car.

Lance Stroll arrived at Racing Point in place of Esteban Ocon following his father's purchase of the constructor formally known as Force India. Many criticised the decision given Ocon's evident talent but he has impressed at times, the highlight being P4 in Germany.

For the team as a whole, it has been a slightly underwhelming season, as they sit only above Haas and Williams who have struggled all season.

It is inevitable that teams will look towards developing their car for next season during the second half of this one, but Stroll has called for them to focus on the present.

“We have to focus on the present and what we can do to get ahead in the rankings. The car for next year must certainly be in the back of our mind, but we will see what the future holds," Stroll told

"At the moment we have to work on the rest of the season and then of course put the best car we can make on the field for next season. But that is an other story. We still have a lot of races to go this year, the season is not over yet, so we will make the best of it."

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