Toto Wolff: Mercedes helped Lewis Hamilton with the "complications in his life"

18-08-2019 13:10
by Louis Shaw
Toto Wolff: Mercedes helped Lewis Hamilton with the complications in his life

Toto Wolff believes that Mercedes has helped Lewis Hamilton get rid of the "complications" in his life. The Brit moved from McLaren and Wolff believes that Hamilton was going through a difficult time with his personal life. 

"He's an integral part of the team and has developed as a racing driver, but even more spectacularly as a human being," Wolff said to

"When he joined from McLaren, he was like a raw diamond in a sense. You could see complications in his life and maybe a lack of stability in understanding what was needed.

"All that disappeared through the Mercedes years and every year he became a better Lewis and - knock on wood - in the last two, three years we've barely seen any mistakes.

"And if they happen, he's the first one to admit them and that has contributed to our culture of being brutally honest with each other."

Hamilton has matured as a driver and as a person and has shown over the past few seasons why he will go down as one of the best drivers in the history of the sport. 

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