Newey defends aerodynamics: "I think the problem is somewhere else"

20-07-2019 13:03
by Matt Gretton
Newey defends aerodynamics: I think the problem is somewhere else

The aerodynamics of Formula 1 cars has changed over recent years. Changes were made ahead of the 2019 Formula 1 season in an attempt to make racing more exciting. Further talks of changes are underway in preparation for the rule and regulation overhaul in 2021. However, Adrian Newey defends the aerodynamics and blames the problem on tyres. 

Newey is one of the masters of Formula 1 car design. Drivers say it's hard to follow another car on most of the circuits, and Newey believes the aerodynamics aren't the main thing which needs changing to fix this. 

"I hold something else responsible for the fact that it is so difficult nowadays to follow another car: The tires," says Newey at Auto Motor und Sport. "If the rubber gets super fast overheated because you are driving a car in a slipstream and sliding more, even a faster driver cannot stay in that slipstream for long."

The British Grand Prix was full of cars following each other closely. Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel had their battle, while Pierre Gasly and Charles Leclerc also followed cars closely. However, the Silverstone track temperature was significantly lower than usual, hinting that Newey is right. 

Earlier in July, Formula 1 bosses admitted they might have been asking Pirelli for the wrong type of tyre. Instead, it seems like Formula 1 will opt for a tyre which has a longer working window. 

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