Could Ricciardo have won a World Championship at Red Bull?

11-07-2019 17:57
by Joseph Tyrrell
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Could Ricciardo have won a World Championship at Red Bull?

Daniel Ricciardo has admitted he would've only stayed at Red Bull to try and win a World Championship and is adamant he has no regrets over his move to Renault.

The Australian spent five seasons with Red Bull having driven for their junior team, Toro Rosso for two seasons prior. In August last year, Ricciardo moved to Red Bull's old engine supplier, Renault after his position at Red Bull came under pressure, with Max Verstappen looking to continue his development.

Ricciardo has had mixed fortunes at Renault this season but revealed if he had stayed at Red Bull it would have been to pursue a World title.

“But no, honestly if I look back? By that time last year, Red Bull had three wins, and that (Austria) was the first, obviously, I’m further back at the moment, you’re absolutely right.

“But I expected this and if I decided to stay at Red Bull, it was to try and win a title.

Ricciardo also feels his former employers are still a long way off challenging for a title, adding: “Sure they got the win last time out, but they are still a fair way from the title. That’s not having a dig, that’s just the reality."

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