Hamilton, Norris and Russell react to Silverstone contract

11-07-2019 16:04
by Joseph Tyrrell
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Hamilton, Norris and Russell react to Silverstone contract

The world of motorsport is continuing to react to the news that Silverstone will remain on the calendar for the next five years, meaning all fears surrounding the British Grand Prix can be put to rest for now. The iconic circuit is hugely popular and the drivers have been voicing their opinions ahead of this weekend's race.

Lewis Hamilton has won the British Grand Prix five and will be the strong favourite to win again on Sunday. The Brit believes the sport can't exist without the famous race. 

“A pleasant surprise anyway, although I was sure it was going to happen because it is clear that F1 cannot exist without being home to motorsport. Very happy to see that Silverstone will stay and I look forward to the future races there," said Hamilton.

Lando Norris and George Russell will be racing in F1 at Silverstone for the first time in their short career this weekend and both are looking forward to returning in 2020.

"I look forward to coming back next year," said Lando.

Russell added: "F1 could not live without Silverstone.

“F1 is a very British sport and it is a very special circuit to drive. I am not surprised that Silverstone remains."

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