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Final ratings for F1 2022 | No one can match Verstappen and Red Bull

Final ratings for F1 2022 | No one can match Verstappen and Red Bull

24 November - 11:23

The Formula 1 season is over and so it is time to take stock. GPblog gives figures to the teams and drivers after each Grand Prix and here you can read the final figures of the 2022 F1 season.

Verstappen the best among drivers

After a dominant season, it is not surprising that Max Verstappen tops GPblog's rankings. The Dutchman achieved an average of 8.9, putting him well ahead of the competition. There are ultimately only three other drivers who also score an eight, but with a difference of 0.7 and 0.8, they do not come close to Verstappen.

Fernando Alonso finishes second in the results with an 8.2. The Spaniard has been particularly unlucky this year, but between all the breakdowns, he did show how fast he can still be when the material allows him to perform. With an 8.1, Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris share third place among drivers.

A big gap to the other drivers follows. George Russell gets a 7.5 for his first year at Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton finishes on a 7.4. Sergio Perez only just finishes in the top ten with a 7.0 as average final mark. He is still ahead of Sebastian Vettel, Esteban Ocon and Alexander Albon and shares the tenth spot with Carlos Sainz.

At the bottom of the rankings, we find Nicholas Latifi. The Canadian gets an average of 4.6 and will not leave F1 after this season for nothing. Daniel Ricciardo also fell through and his average of 5.6 also explains why McLaren has parted ways with him. Lance Stroll retains his seat at Aston Martin despite a 5.8, but that is not surprising considering his father is the boss of the team.

Place Driver Final mark
1 Verstappen 8.9
2 Alonso 8.2
3 Leclerc 8.1
4 Norris 8.1
5 Russell 7.5
6 Hamilton 7.4
7 Vettel 7.3
8 Ocon 7.2
9 Albon 7.1
10 Perez 7.0
11 Sainz 7.0
12 Bottas 6.8
13 Magnussen 6.8
14 Gasly 6.6
15 Hulkenberg 6.5*
16 Zhou 6.3
17 Schumacher 5.9
18 Tsunoda 5.9
19 Stroll 5.8
20 Ricciardo 5.6
21 Latifi 4.6

*Nico Hulkenberg received two marks for his performances in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

**Nyck de Vries received a 10 for his performance in Italy, but is not included in this ranking as it was only one race

Red Bull shows heels of competition

At Red Bull Racing, the flag may also go out after the 2022 F1 season. The team gets an 8.2 after winning its two world titles. The team just missed out on the historic 1-2 in the constructors' championship. Mercedes gets a 7.2 for its season. The car was not optimal, especially at the beginning of the season, but with strategically good decisions it still came pretty close to Ferrari.

Ferrari gets a 6.5 for its frequent blunders. Especially at the beginning of the year, the team had a car to compete for victories, but on several occasions it threw away those victories.

At the bottom of the rankings we find Williams (5.3), which did not make good use of the regulation changes and is also at the bottom of the constructors' standings again. AlphaTauri (5.5) and Aston Martin (6.4) also did not perform according to expectations, although the British team made up a lot in the final phase of the season.

Place Team Final score
1 Red Bull Racing 8.2
2 Mercedes 7.2
3 Alpine 7.1
4 McLaren 6.5
  Ferrari 6.5
6 Aston Martin 6.4
7 Alfa Romeo 6.1
8 Haas 5.9
9 AlphaTauri 5.5
10 Williams 5.3

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