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Latifi on time at Williams: 'Going to focus on the positive'

Latifi on time at Williams: 'Going to focus on the positive'

23 November - 15:03 Last update: 18:22


Nicholas Latifi has ended his time at Williams disappointingly. At Formula1.com the Canadian reflects on his last race for the team and the past three years at Williams.

Latifi ended his third - and in all likelihood last - season in Formula 1 with a hiss. The Canadian parked his Williams in the pit lane two laps before the end due to electrical problems. Definitely not a nice way to end the season, Latifi acknowledged. "But yes, we didn't really have the pace anyway. We were already struggling at the start and lost sight of the rest of the pack pretty quickly. Towards the end, we also had electrical problems. I was kinda expecting the car to catch fire. Not the way you want to end it, but it is what it is."

'It's definitely been an experience'

Latifi joined Williams at an unprecedentedly bad time. Despite being one of the most successful teams in Formula 1 history, Williams has not managed to win a championship for 25 years and the last time a Williams driver was able to win a race dates back to 2012. In recent years, Williams was almost always condemned to the back spots on the grid.

"It has definitely been an experience," Latifi replied when asked how he looks back on his time with the team. "I am grateful to have had these three years in Formula 1, they have been character-building to say the least. Obviously there have been more lows than highs but I also have a lot of good memories left with the team. I'm going to focus on that and remember the positives."

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