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Summary: This is how long Formula 1 contracts last for 2023 circuits

Summary: This is how long Formula 1 contracts last for 2023 circuits

15-11-2022 18:07 Last update: 18:35


The Formula 1 calendar is getting longer and longer. A record 24 races will take place in 2023, including the arrival of the Las Vegas Grand Prix and the return of the Chinese Grand Prix. There are also still several countries interested in hosting an F1 race. GPblog lists the current contracts.

Not everyone is excited about it, but next year drivers will be in action as many as 24 times during the F1 season. The growing popularity of the sport means that more and more countries are interested in hosting a Grand Prix. Therefore, we may have to say goodbye to some classics in the future. Nevertheless, there are also many circuits that have a long future in F1.

Uncertainty in Belgium

The Belgian Grand Prix signed a one-year contract for 2023 this season, but that does not bode well. Recently, F1 has signed huge contracts with other countries, some as long as 10 years. So the fact that the sport is not offering the Spa-Francorchamps circuit a long deal is not a good sign. Rumours have been circulating for some time that Spa will disappear from the calendar in future. Possibly the circuit will become part of a new system where different countries rotate with each other for a spot on the calendar. Monaco was also a doubt for a long time, despite the circuit's great history. The country has since signed a contract through to 2025.

At first glance, the Dutch Grand Prix also seems at risk, but the country has the option to extend until 2025. So it is very likely that we will be able to see Max Verstappen race at Zandvoort for several more years. America will host as many as three Grands Prix in 2023 with the arrival of Las Vegas. The Miami Grand Prix has one of the longest contracts through to 2031.

The Chinese Grand Prix will return to the calendar in 2023, although we will have to wait and see if the race can actually go ahead. This is because the country still has strict coronavirus rules, which may require the Grand Prix to be cancelled. Shanghai has a contract until the end of 2025. Suzuka, Monza, Silverstone and Baku have the shortest contract on the calendar after Spa. For Ferrari, it will be important that Monza stays on the calendar, while Suzuka and Silverstone also carry a lot of F1 history.

Massively long contracts

There are a number of Grands Prix that will definitely not disappear from the calendar for the time being, including the Singapore Grand Prix (2028) and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (2030). Australia signed a new contract this year that runs through 2035. The longest contract on the calendar is for Bahrain, which will host a race until 2036. We won't have to say goodbye to Qatar for the time being either, as it is on the calendar until the end of 2032. This year, the country is taking a break from F1 because of the World Cup.

It is not known how long the contract of the Austrian Grand Prix is. In 2020, Helmut Marko revealed that it is a multi-year contract, but almost three years later the details are still not known. However, the Red Bull Ring is incredibly popular with fans as the home circuit of Max Verstappen's team, so for now we probably won't have to say goodbye.

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Interest from other countries

There are a lot of countries that do not yet have a spot on the calendar but have shown interest in recent months. Saudi Arabia is interested in hosting a second race and Madrid would also like to have a Grand Prix. It was recently announced that F1 is holding talks with Colombia about a Grand Prix in the country. There is also still no race in Africa, but South Africa wants to try to secure a spot on the calendar in 2024. Who knows, we might have to say goodbye to several classics on the calendar in the future to make room for new Grands Prix.

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