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Verstappen applauds Red Bull: 'In most races we were almost perfect'

Verstappen applauds Red Bull: 'In most races we were almost perfect'

06-11-2022 12:43 Last update: 13:53

After an incredibly strong season, Red Bull Racing managed to secure both world titles with several Grands Prix to go. Max Verstappen admits he did not expect this form after his team was plagued by reliability problems in the early stages of the season.

Speaking to of an "incredible season". "As a whole team, we definitely didn’t expect something like this. We had a competitive start, but we retired two times in three. It was not the best start to try and defend the title," he admits.

Verstappen applauds 'almost perfect' Red Bull

After a mediocre start to the season, the team made a huge turnaround and increasingly gained the upper hand over Ferrari, which actually started the season ironclad. Unlike the Italian racing team, Red Bull Racing remained almost faultless. "As a team, we made very few mistakes. You can’t be perfect, but for most of the races, we have been close to perfect," Verstappen applauds his team.

He also praises the cooperation with Honda, which has intensified since the Japanese Grand Prix. Verstappen considers it very special that he was able to capture the world title in the engine supplier's home country. "Working together with Honda has been incredible and is incredible and they definitely deserve it, that we’ve won it on their own track," the two-time world champion stressed.