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Rosberg deeply impressed by Alonso: 'Unbelievable to even think that'

Rosberg deeply impressed by Alonso: 'Unbelievable to even think that'

26-10-2022 08:24 Last update: 10:45


Nico Rosberg is deeply impressed by Fernando Alonso's heroics in the US Grand Prix. Despite a terrifying crash in which he was launched into the air, the Spaniard drove well and also managed to finish in the points. However, Alonso was slapped with a 30-second penalty for a loose wing mirror and therefore scored zero points. 

"The drive was really phenomenal because even before the crash, he was driving really well," Rosberg said on Sky Sports' broadcast. However, when overtaking Lance Stroll, the Aston Martin driver steered into him, after which Alonso was launched into the air at top speed and hit the crash barrier.

Heroic drive by Alonso

Miraculously, the Alpine driver continued his race as if nothing had happened, before also crossing the finishing line in seventh place. However, that spot was taken away from him by the stewards after a protest from Haas, but Alpine will not let it stand. On Thursday, we will know if the team is vindicated.

"To even think it’s even possible to continue after that is unbelievable. It’s typical Fernando, always fighting on like a gladiator," Rosberg continued. "I mean we can see how long he’s airborne, do you know how far that is? That must be 50 metres down the straight there at 300KM/H and that impact that was big."

The 2016 world champion could not believe his eyes when he saw that Alonso simply continued his race, stressing that the driver must have been constantly at the back of his mind that something could have broken his car after such an impact. However, the Spaniard was not deterred by that.

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