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Verstappen still 'GPblog Driver of the Day' despite strong competition

Verstappen still 'GPblog Driver of the Day' despite strong competition

24-10-2022 09:53


The United States Grand Prix was a race with lots of great overtaking and other highlights. Of the most outstanding drivers, the race winner Max Verstappen was chosen by international GPBlog readers as Driver of the Day. Fernando Alonso took the honours on the Dutch edition. 

Verstappen is GPBlog Driver of the Day

Max Verstappen won the GPBlog title for the United States GP with a total of 43% of the votes. The Dutchman, who won the race after making overtakes due to a difficult pit stop and thus contributed to Red Bull Racing winning the constructors' title.

Alonso sowed some praise with his race. The Alpine driver took a risk at the start by starting on the hard tyre after a strong preparation throughout the weekend. After the first safety car, it looked like Alonso would be able to reap the benefits of the plan, but a very heavy crash with Lance Stroll threw a spanner in the works. As the Spaniard's car came loose from the ground and landed hard in the crash barrier, he was able to continue on his way. Alonso drove his way back from P16 to P7, a huge achievement. He came second in the international vote with 24%. 

Consolation prize after penalty 

Although F1 crowned Sebastian Vettel Driver of the Day, he came third on GPblog's list. The German picked up 22% of the share. Vettel drove a rock-solid weekend and turned his strong qualifying into a good result. The German overtook Kevin Magnussen in the last sector for P8 (became P7 due to Alonso's penalty). Lewis Hamilton who finished second in the race gets seven per cent of the vote from GPBlog readers.

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