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Stroll disagrees with punishment: 'Gave Alonso enough space'

Stroll disagrees with punishment: 'Gave Alonso enough space'

24-10-2022 00:19


Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso had a hair-raising crash in the United States. After the first safety car restart, Alonso was right behind the Canadian and wanted to attempt an overtake. Stroll wanted to defend which caused the two to hit each other.

Stroll's race ended on contact between the two cars. The rear wing had completely disappeared from the Aston Martin. Miraculously, Alonso still managed to pilot his badly damaged Alpine to the pits where it could be repaired. In the end, Alonso even scored points at the Circuit of the Americas.

Stroll penalised after crash

Stroll believes he was not at fault. "There was a big speed difference and I was defending. I gave him enough space on the left side of the track, it was not like I pushed him into the wall. He could have steered earlier or moved more to the left," he informed Sky Sports F1.

The FIA does not agree with Stroll's opinion. The Canadian will be put back three places on the starting grid in Mexico and also receive a two penalty points on his licence. It brings his penalty points total to five in the past 12 months.

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