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Ricciardo tips FIA: 'Then you still be able to make it a race'

Ricciardo tips FIA: 'Then you still be able to make it a race'

13 October - 20:19


Daniel Ricciardo believes the FIA should take another look at the regulations. The race organisers allowed the drivers in the Japan Grand Prix to drive only a small part of the race due to heavy rain and, according to the Australian, this could be done differently, he told Formule1.nl.

The driver, who is leaving McLaren after the season, states in the interview that the most important thing for teams is to complete as many laps as possible. Therefore, he hopes that in the future it will be possible to move the race start time, although this will be difficult with televised broadcasts.

"Even if you bring the start time forward by an hour, you might gain something like 20 laps at the start and still be able to make it a race," argues Ricciardo, who hopes for change soon. "That's also why we have to learn from moments like this."

Ricciardo calls for flexibility

Ricciardo understands that TV broadcasts are important, but stresses that the most important thing is for the drivers to be able to drive their laps. Therefore, the FIA should be more flexible in the future. In Japan, he himself came no further than 11th place, finishing just outside the points.

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