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Update for Ferrari in Japan, Red Bull and Mercedes empty-handed

Update for Ferrari in Japan, Red Bull and Mercedes empty-handed

7 October - 05:21 Last update: 07:11


Red Bull Racing did not bring an update for the Japanese Grand Prix. The FIA document shows that Ferrari, AlphaTauri and Aston Martin are the only teams with a new part this weekend.

After the Singapore Grand Prix, Formula 1 teams travelled straight to Japan for the second Asian race in a row. As a result, few teams have upgrades with them for the Suzuka circuit. The teams that do have are Ferrari, AlphaTauri and Aston Martin.

Updates in Japan

Ferrari, according to the FIA document, have a new floor along to Japan. It is part of the standard development cycle and should improve aerodynamics. So it is not a component specific to Suzuka.

AlphaTauri brought a new rear wing and it too should provide extra downforce. Aston Martin has brought along a new Beam Wing. This variant is narrower and lighter, which will reduce the weight and thus the drag of the overall car.

Red Bull Racing, like six other teams, did not bring any updates to Japan. Red Bull are already under fire for possibly exceeding the budget cap in 2021 and 2022. Competitors suspect that is why Red Bull can make so many updates in a year. For now, however, the FIA has not come up with a definite answer, that will only follow on Monday.

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