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Verstappen: 'Title in Japan seems nicer, but I don't count on it yet'

Verstappen: 'Title in Japan seems nicer, but I don't count on it yet'

29 September - 16:17 Last update: 17:37


Max Verstappen could theoretically take his second F1 title this coming weekend in Singapore, but the Dutchman is tempering expectations. Verstappen would much rather receive his second title in Japan.

The chances of the Red Bull Racing driver already being crowned 2022 F1 champion in Singapore are extremely slim, but it is not impossible (see table below). According to Verstappen, the first real chance for his second title is therefore not until the following week in Japan. That also seems much more fun for Verstappen than a championship in Singapore. That will probably have to do with the close ties between Red Bull and Honda.

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Verstappen expects first chance at title in Japan

F1.com quotes Verstappen:  “I don’t really think about it. It’s quite a long shot. I just want to enjoy the weekend and, of course, try to win it.” Indeed, the Dutchman needs the win if he wants to cash in on his title in Japan: "I think Japan is nicer. Also, I need a lot of luck for it to happen here, so I don’t really count on it..."

Verstappen is very much looking forward to next weekend, but also says he is already very much looking forward to next weekend in Japan. Both GPs were last held in 2019 and disappeared from the calendar for two years due to corona. Verstappen: "I think Suzuka will be my first proper chance to win the title." Although Verstappen is enjoying the season and says he is going to enjoy the upcoming weekend, he expects to enjoy the most and look back on it with a good feeling until after the season.

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