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Magnussen: 'I don't know yet either'

Magnussen: 'I don't know yet either'

29 September - 13:23 Last update: 14:18


Kevin Magnussen also does not yet know who his teammate will be next year. During the press conference ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix, the Haas driver indicated that nothing is yet known with him either.

The silly season is currently in full swing, and so there is also plenty of speculation about who will drive where next year. One of the seats not yet confirmed for next year is the second seat at Haas.

Currently, Kevin Magnussen and Mick Schumacher are driving at the American racing stable. But while Magnussen is sure of a place next year, that is certainly not the case for Schumacher. Indeed, rumours are growing that he has lost his place, especially now that he is rumoured to cut ties with Ferrari at the end of this year.

Giovinazzi, De Vries, or Ricciardo?

So the question is who will take over his spot if he does indeed lose it. Names like Antonio Giovinazzi and Nyck de Vries often come up, but Daniel Ricciardo, who is leaving McLaren at the end of this year, is also mentioned as an option.

On the latter, Magnussen seemed to capitalise at this week's press conference. When asked about who will drive alongside him next year, he specifically mentioned Ricciardo as the only one, although he immediately added that he does not know anything concrete yet.

"I can recommend the team to Daniel and to everyone. I would love to know, but I am in the same position as everyone else. I do talk to Guenther [Steiner, Haas team boss, ed.], but he doesn't tell me anything either."

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