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Norris praises Singapore GP: 'It's an amazing feeling'

Norris praises Singapore GP: 'It's an amazing feeling'

28 September - 06:48 Last update: 09:09


Lando Norris cannot wait to shine with his McLaren at the Singapore circuit next weekend. Indeed, the British driver tells Sky Sports that he is thrilled to return.

Traditionally, the Singapore Grand Prix takes place in the dark, with the organisers using lots of artificial lights to provide visibility on the track. Norris finds it brilliant to drive on the track that way.

"It makes you feel like you're going a lot quicker, just because of all the lights," Norris told. "All the lights flashing past, and for your vision to get used to those types of things. It feels extremely fast and extremely quick, especially when you're getting super close to the walls and you're finding that limit. It's an amazing feeling."

F1 returns to Singapore

After a two-season absence, Formula 1 returns to Singapore this coming weekend. The last race took place in the country in 2019, when Sebastian Vettel emerged victorious. He is also the record holder with five wins in Singapore.

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