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F1 Social Stint | Verstappen celebrates birthday with cake in garage

F1 Social Stint | Verstappen celebrates birthday with cake in garage

26 September - 10:20 Last update: 26 September - 10:20

The Singapore Grand Prix is just around the corner after F1 drivers and teams have had a short break. GPblog's F1 Social Stint tells you what the drivers and teams are doing ahead of this Grand Prix.

Verstappen celebrates birthday with cake in garage

Max Verstappen celebrates his 25th birthday today (Friday) and they have not forgotten that at Red Bull Racing. The garage is celebrating the Dutchman's birthday with a few cakes ahead of the first free practice session in Singapore.

Source: Red Bull Contentpool

Red Bull mechanics not bored with new toy

At Red Bull Racing, they come up with something to attract attention every Grand Prix and they succeeded in doing so in Singapore as well. The team set up a table football outside the garage so the mechanics had something to do against boredom.

Hamilton is doing everything for his first win

Lewis Hamilton knows that the Singapore Grand Prix may be his best chance of winning in 2022 and is therefore doing everything he can to prepare himself optimally for the upcoming race weekend. His story on Instagram shows him sitting in Mercedes' simulator and doing a lap of the Marina Bay Street Circuit, something he prefers not to do.

Source: Lewis Hamilton Instagram

Zhou treats fans to very special helmet

Guanyu Zhou will be easy to spot during the upcoming Grand Prix, as the Chinese driver rides with a striking pink helmet design. On Twitter, the Alfa Romeo driver posted his new helmet, referring to a tweet after the Australian Grand Prix. Indeed, Zhou is said to have a penchant for Bubble Tea.

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