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Norris does not assume a GP win next season

Norris does not assume a GP win next season

22 September - 12:43 Last update: 16:25


Lando Norris has yet to secure a Grand Prix victory with McLaren. Indeed, the British racing team are once again falling short of making things difficult for the top teams this season. According to the driver, however, it is no surprise to him, he told Formula1.com.

"I knew that last year I wasn’t going to win, this year I am not going to win, next year there is a reasonable chance that we won’t win," Norris frankly revealed. The Briton managed his best performance at this year's race weekend in Imola, when he crossed the finish line in third place.

However, Norris is looking at the longer term and is therefore confident that McLaren will be where it wants to be in a few years' time. "I have the faith that we can achieve things together and I think that will make things sweeter than just joining a team which has a chance of winning races."

Norris puts McLaren on edge

According to the McLaren driver, it took him a few months at the start of the season to master his car. However, he still feels that the racing stable has a lot to improve to actually compete at the front.

Next season, he will get Oscar Piastri as his teammate. Nico Rosberg revealed earlier this week that he expects the Australian to face a big challenge. Indeed, he believes he will have to quickly reach Norris' level to stay at McLaren.

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