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Horner wants talks with Honda on 2026: 'Interesting new situation'

Horner wants talks with Honda on 2026: 'Interesting new situation'

20-09-2022 18:48 Last update: 19:29

The failed negotiations between Porsche and Red Bull Racing have caused much discussion and speculation. Honda, in particular, is often mentioned again, now it seems that the Japanese engine manufacturer will not call it a day in Formula 1 for the time being after all. Christian Horner addresses speculation about a possible collaboration after 2025.

Right at the height of Red Bull's partnership with Honda, after Max Verstappen won the world title, the engine supplier left the sport. With the Austrian racing stable appearing to be fast on its way to securing both world titles in 2022 and having called off its deal with Porsche, rumours of Honda's extended stay are increasing.

Horner responds to speculation about Honda

Those speculations are all but debunked by Horner. The Red Bull team boss argues that the regulations coming into force in 2026 present interesting opportunities for Honda, which wants to focus more on producing electric cars.

"With the new regulations and the fifty-fifty drive distribution between internal combustion engine and electric motor, an interesting new situation arises. It would be logical and interesting to discuss the new situation with Honda, but there is no rush," Horner said in a conversation with

Honda was supposed to provide support for Red Bull Powertrains' takeover of the engine project, but it has since emerged that the engines will continue to be supplied from Japan until the entry into force of the new engine regulations in 2026. It is, therefore, possible, however, that the successful partnership will continue beyond that.

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