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The most expensive and cheapest drivers in F1 based on WC points scored

The most expensive and cheapest drivers in F1 based on WC points scored

18-09-2022 18:56 Last update: 21:14

Most drivers in Formula 1 earn millions of euros a year, but not all drivers actually perform accordingly. GPblog has looked at F1 drivers' salaries (approximate) and compared them with the number of World Cup points they managed to score so far in 2022. And what turns out? The Canadian driver is doing 'least well'.

At the top of the list, perhaps not very surprisingly, is Lance Stroll. The 23-year-old driver is paid almost 10 million euros a year, but this is matched by only five points after 16 Grands Prix. That means Stroll jr. gets paid €1.9 million for every World Cup point. Latifi is not included in this statistic. After all, he did not yet pick up any points in the world championship. The Williams driver gets around one million euros on an annual basis.

Ricciardo expensive customer

Daniel Ricciardo is also among the best paid drivers in Formula 1, but his employer McLaren sees very little of it. Teammate Lando Norris picked up more than four times as many points and also gets paid less. Ricciardo costs McLaren just under €800,000 per World Cup point, while Norris costs just €148,000.

Another expensive force is Sebastian Vettel, although of course this is also largely due to the fact that Aston Martin is simply not a very competitive team in Formula 1. Alexander Albon is also high on this list, but the same goes for him: Williams lacks the speed to consistently compete for top-ten spots.

Verstappen in twelfth place

Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton also cost relatively a lot. Red Bull Racing and Ferrari drivers are only seen in the right-hand row (click on the right arrow in the Instagram post). Max Verstappen costs just over 100,000 euros per point, Leclerc and Sainz 55,000 and 53,000 euros respectively. George Russell is the big king. With a salary of around €5 million, the Mercedes driver already collected 203 points, costing €25,000 per point.

Which F1 drivers are relatively the most expensive/cheapest?

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