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Sainz on new situation: 'I think we will miss him'.

Sainz on new situation: 'I think we will miss him'.

18 August - 10:24 Last update: 10:31


Carlos Sainz has enjoyed the career of Sebastian Vettel, he says in an interview with Motorsportweek.com. According to the Spaniard, the driver has given a lot to the sport, not just the qualities he showed on the track. 

In recent years, Vettel has increasingly focused on major issues in the world, such as the LGBTQ community and the environment. Along with Lewis Hamilton, he frequently spoke out on the issues surrounding these matters.

"I think this year speaks about his personality. He’s alive as a human being, not only as a driver, and I think we will miss him," Sainz judged. "But I hope that we can see him back in the paddock also helping the sport to develop in certain areas that I think he’s very vocal about recently. And I hope that he can keep giving us a hand in that in that side."

Vettel's future unknown for now

Although the German is likely to take a rest period after his final Formula One season, he has already received several invitations to take on new challenges. Stefano Domenicali, for example, has already said that he is welcome to continue developing the sport.

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