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Wolff argues that FIA has no choice in tackling porpoising

Wolff argues that FIA has no choice in tackling porpoising

12 August - 14:51 Last update: 16:08


Toto Wolff is convinced that the FIA must act quickly to counter the problems with porpoising. The team boss stated in an interview with Motorsport.com that medical reports have already amply demonstrated how dangerous the current situation is for drivers.

This includes a medical report on American football players, which states that frequencies of one or two hertz can cause long-term brain damage after only a few minutes. As the drivers are engaged in a race for more than an hour, Wolff thinks that the consequences could be very serious.

Moreover, after the Azerbaijan Grand Prix Wolff saw Lewis Hamilton leave his car with a sore back. According to the Austrian, the situation is untenable and the organisation needs to come up with further plans to solve the problem.

Wolff feels criticism of competitors is unjustified

Other teams are less enthusiastic about the plans. Red Bull Racing thinks Mercedes does have possibilities to solve the problems and fears that the German team is trying to take advantage of the situation.

Wolff thinks this is unjustified, because this time it is a safety issue. The team boss points out that the racing teams have agreed that the sport must be safe and that this is a time to intervene.

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