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Windsor makes a guess: 'Ricciardo sacking will cost McLaren 20 million'

Windsor makes a guess: 'Ricciardo sacking will cost McLaren 20 million'

08-08-2022 09:45 Last update: 11:51


F1 expert Peter Windsor looks on indignantly at the situation in Formula 1 and gives his opinion on the plight of McLaren and Alpine at the moment. Daniel Ricciardo can solve the problems, but McLaren will have to dig deep.

Ricciardo is a plaything in F1 seat race

Around the Hungarian Grand Prix, a true soap opera unfolded on the F1-grid. With the resignation of Sebastian Vettel, the seat race among the F1-drivers started, in which Daniel Ricciardo appears to be the plaything. Fernando Alonso reacted very quickly to the available seat and took Vettel's place at Aston Martin. Alpine thought it was right to announce Oscar Piastri as its driver for 2023. The young Australian, however, has revealed that he knows nothing about it and has no intention of filling the void left by Alonso. Piastri seems to prefer to make a deal with McLaren, but there is currently no room for that.

Both Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo are still under contract with McLaren, which makes the situation even stranger. Piastri would not turn down a guaranteed F1 seat at Alpine if he was not assured of a seat at another team. Therefore, the underperforming Ricciardo is expected to make way for his rookie compatriot. The transfer of playmaker Ricciardo to Alpine would solve a problem for both teams. However, this dismissal will cost the Woking-based team dearly, due to contractual commitments. Windsor further explains the situation in a YouTube video.

Brown has already paid handsomely

Windsor: "What will take some time now is the deal that Zak [Brown] will make with Daniel. Daniel will be riding for him for the rest of this year, so it will not be a comfortable situation for Zak. He's bound to regret the contract he drew up in the first place, which means Daniel now has so many options and he himself doesn't." Windsor does not rule out McLaren's willingness to pay Ricciardo. The F1 connoisseur recalls that Brown spent 32 million on his appointment as team boss to get out of the deal with Honda and switch to Mercedes engines. Another big expense is in the making.

Windsor: "This will be another hit in the region of twenty million. Maybe more, or maybe less. Maybe they can negotiate it down or they can finance a seat for him somewhere else. In any case, that will be the key before everything can fall into place." Windsor does not expect any announcements yet about Piastri and whether he will be obliged to drive for Alpine or take Ricciardo's place. First Brown and Ricciardo will have to come to an agreement.

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